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To participate in the growing demand in Asia on Ecommerce marketplaces For perishable food products in a category that is growing 15.3% annually. To source hundreds of perishable products direct from the SME farms and processors in the USA and Australia at prices 30% lower than from Distributors. To focus on their consumers and customer service Leaving the complexities of global fulfillment to us.

Empowering Consumers

Our Technical Approach

AgroTrak is an End-to-End Intelligent Cold Chain Logistics Platform built on LoRa IoT, AI Image Recognition, and Blockchain. Our solution guarantees food safety farm fresh to tables all over Asia.

  • LoRa IoT Sensors enable Real-time tamper-proof Cold Chain Monitoring
  • Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector ensures food safety
  • Smart QRs allow data aggregation from Farm to Table
  • Blockchain guarantees data integrity of entire Cold Chain

The AgroTrak Blockchain Enabled ERP enables stakeholders to have guaranteed full visibility into their Cold Chain. Sensor data is uploaded to our distributed storage solution and tracked on a public blockchain at every event to ensure real-time analytics and data integrity.

Our Technology Partners

Our Team

Robert Pimentel

Robert Pimentel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Robert has 16 years experience in the logistics related to perishable food products to Asia from the USA and Australia.

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  • 25 February, 2019
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IoT, Blockchain, and the Future of Wine and Agricultural Commodities

Wine is an icon of sophistication and taste that has stood the test of time, appearing throughout history universally representing luxury, elegance, class and indulgence. Yet, as it remains fervently sought after by consumers and collectors alike,

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How Blockchain will revitalize the fractured Global Supply Chain

The modern container shipping celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016. Unfortunately, global shipping has functioned much in the same way since and has not kept pace with globalization and the demands brought upon by rapid changes in technology.

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  • 15 November, 2019
  • By AgroTrak

AgroTrak Awarded Finalist in the Walmart Food Safety Innovation Pipeline.

Walmart held its third Food Safety Innovation Pipeline in Shenzhen China on September 24th 2019. A total of 150 participants, including senior executives from Walmart China, representatives from Starbucks, McDonalds and Cargill,

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