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AgroTrak’s Handheld Pesticide Detector Now Detects Top 10 Most used Pesticides Worldwide.
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AgroTrak Inc. Derives its pesticide detector technologies from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a quasi Taiwan Government organization in an Open Lab arrangement where AgroTrak further develops the technology for commercialization.

ITRI’s Smart Microsystems Technology Center introduced the world’s first easy-to-use pesticide detector in a project supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The inspiration for the device came from optical detection methods commonly used in biomedical research, and researchers decided to see what happened if the process was applied to food.

Relying on the unique wavelength absorption pattern of different chemicals, the device performs spectral analysis to get the water-soluble chemicals to reveal themselves.

The handheld pesticide residue detector is a portable device to determine whether pesticide residues are within a safe range when washing fruits or vegetables.

It can detect eight washable pesticides from the top 10 pesticide ranking lists in the U.S. and China, and can also detect fat-soluble pesticides up to a 0.5 ppm detection limit, the ITRI said.

Compared to conventional laboratory detection techniques, ITRI’s detector requires no pre-processing and delivers an immediate result, making a breakthrough in pesticide detection for consumer use, the institute said.

The annual CES Innovation Awards program honors outstanding product designs and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products.

Honorees are those whose products scored highly across all judging criteria, including engineering, aesthetic, and design qualities, user value, positive impact the quality of life, and competitiveness in the marketplace. AgroTrak is integrating the solution onto their platform and will be performing a Beta on perishable shipments to Asia from January 2020

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