How Blockchain will revitalize the fractured Global Supply Chain

Traceability and Trust

The modern container shipping celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016. Unfortunately, global shipping has functioned much in the same way since and has not kept pace with globalization and the demands brought upon by rapid changes in technology. 90% of all goods in global trade is carried by the shipping industry, but even in the […]

Wine Futures on Blockchain

How blockchain implementation can secure wine provenance and redistribute equity

“Bringing an Old World tradition into the cutting edge world of blockchain” Wine is an icon of sophistication and taste that has stood the test of time, appearing throughout history universally representing luxury, elegance, class and indulgence. Yet, as it remains fervently sought after by consumers and collectors alike, wine traceability and the industry as […]

Agrotrak Awarded Finalist in the Walmart Food Safety Innovation Pipeline.

Agrotrak Awarded Finalist in the Walmart Food Safety Innovation Pipeline.   Walmart held its third Food Safety Innovation Pipeline in Shenzhen China on September 24th 2019. A total of 150 participants, including senior executives from Walmart China, representatives from Starbucks, McDonalds and Cargill, members of the Walmart Food Safety Innovation Council and Walmart Executives participating […]

AgroTrak’s Handheld Pesticide Detector Now Detects Top 10 Most used Pesticides Worldwide.

AgroTrak Inc. Derives its pesticide detector technologies from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a quasi Taiwan Government organization in an Open Lab arrangement where AgroTrak further develops the technology for commercialization. ITRI’s Smart Microsystems Technology Center introduced the world’s first easy-to-use pesticide detector in a project supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. The […]

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